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Are you looking for experienced care staff ? Look no further than Paramount Options for exceptional Healthcare staffing solutions. We are Healthcare recruitment consultants ready to match your staffing needs with the most experienced Healthcare personnel that you will look forward to be seeing on a regular basis.


The whole process takes three stages:

- Stage 1: Send your details using our form.

- Stage 2: You will be invited to attend our offices for one to one interview and formal registration.

- Stage 3: Training. You will be expected to complete our common induction training in relation to the job you have applied for.

Policy, Procedure and training

To be sure that we remain compliant to all Health and Social Care regislations, behave consistently to capture good and safe practice and keep everybody informed of how we work, Paramount Options have written Policies and Procedures that we follow. All our staff are made familiar with these policies and procedure during their induction training , when they login to their site and on training.

Employers or Users of our services are welcome to examine any of these documents and have a copy of their own if they wish.

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